El-Siouf Spinning and Weaving Company


A subsidiary of the Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning, Weaving and Garments

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Company Profile

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Established In:

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director: Chemist/ Nadia Ahmed Abdel Sayed

Current Chairman:

564.288.275 EGP

Exported Capital:

750.000.000 EGP

Authorized Capital:

100% State ownership

Number of shares:

1 Almasanie street, Al Awayid, Elraml, Alexandria, Egypt


5014182 002(03)5013536 /002(03)5013944 /002(03)





Number of employees:

Manufacture of yarn only

The company's purpose:

3 yarn factories

Number of factories:

2 outlets

Number of branches:

Cotton Upholstery production unit

Number of other units:

History of the company

The company was established by decree issued on March 31, 1941 with the authorization of the establishment of an Egyptian joint stock company "Industrial Company for yarn and textile yarns" and was named "Spahi Industrial Company for yarn and textile yarns" under the decree of 12 November 1945 and on 29/4/1954 Commercial Registration number 1908 for the year 1954 and registration number 47853 and the place of registration Alexandria City

In 1961, the company was nationalized by Republican Decree No. 1598 of 1961.

In 1962, the Republican Decree No. 538 of 1962 was issued by the formation of "Al-Nasr Spinning and Weaving Company in Alexandria" It includes:

             - " SPAHI INDUSTRIAL CO. FOR YARN YARNS & TEXTILES"                         

- "Modern Intensive Spinning Company"                         

   - " Al-Wadi Spinning & Weaving Company (formerly Al-Nakli)" was later incorporated"on 8/8/1963

In accordance with Law No. 72 of 1963, Al-Nasr Spinning and Weaving Company in Alexandria was fully nationalized and on 21/2/1967,

 - "Arab Spinning & Weaving Company"

  - "United Spinning & Weaving Company"

   In "Nasr Company for spinning and weaving in Alexandria"

As of 1/7/1967 according to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Establishment for spinning and weaving and became the name after the integration

"Al-Seyouf Spinning & Weaving Company in Alexandria"

On 19/6/1968, the Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Spinning and Weaving Corporation decided to cancel the incorporation of the Arab Spinning and Weaving Company and the .United Spinning and Weaving Company in Al-Seyouf Spinning and Weaving Company as of July 1, 1968

The Extraordinary General Assembly held on 28/12/1992 decided to harmonize the Company's conditions in accordance with the provisions of the Public Companies Companies Law promulgated by Law No. 203 of 1991 and its Executive Regulations issued by the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1590 of 1991 and according to the approved model of the Articles of Association of the Egyptian subsidiary Issued by the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1900 of 1991.



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