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A subsidiary of the Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning, Weaving and Garments

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Company and environment

:The company follows the following policies and methods to preserve the environment. This policy is as follows
.The company's environmental record has been in operation since 1997 and is valid to date
:Several measures have been taken to comply with environmental protection laws and decisions, including
The sewerage project was implemented in our company after analyzing the same sample and matching it and linking the exchange .of the company to the public networks in July 2002
 Suspension of steam boiler 25 tons, which was working with diesel and replaced by steam boiler 5 tons working diesel and started operation on 1/6/2002
 .Provide the factories with fans to renew the air
 .Discharge ear plugs for all workers exposed to noise intensity
 .Installation of top cleaning machines for spinning and recycling machines
 .Discharge of mumps for all workers exposed to inhaled soil
In order to comply with Law 4/94 and to complement the environmental procedures, the company has requested, through its correspondence, EEAA to assist in the implementation of environmental projects, namely projects for spinning and weaving factories

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